Paper manufacturing is an art.

Paper manufacturing is an art, we have taken it a step forward using our own developed lamination technology that allows us to produce papers from most of the vegetations existing in nature. Our own produced paper allows us to perfect the attributes of the paper to fit the need of the final product like flat blunts cones, bobbins for wrappers and binders. Attributes like smoking sensorial impact, smoothness of smoking, slow-burning and self-rolling, are adjusted to enhance better specs. By formulations of various vegetations and different compounds.


Blunt Wraps

Blunts are essentially rolling papers for rolling cannabis that are made of various natural organic products, such as chamomile, mate tea, and hemp mixed with other additives to maintain a cohesive and flexible product. As a result of our advanced lamination technology, we can maintain a high percentage of herbs in the end product and reduce the amount of cellulose. The low percentage of cellulose results in a very smooth smoking experience as opposed to other paper manufacturers who are forced to extend the cellulose percentage to maintain a cohesive product. We offer our clients the option of white labeling their blunts along with a wide range of packaging options and flavors.

Blunt Cones

Available in various sizes and colors for different vegetation formulations, we offer a variety of packaging formats. From large boxes with hundreds of cones to single glass tubes with 1 or 2 cones inside. 


Terpene infused

flat wraps and Cones

We offer the option to infuse our flat blunts, blunt cones, and paper cones with terpenes. A wide variety of terpenes are available with various concentrations and profiles. 


Our clients are welcome to inquire about our white labeling for flat blunts and cones from our wide range of plant compounds, colors, packaging formats, and terpenes.



HnB cigarettes are a new class of smoking; in essence, they are tobacco sticks that consist of blends that are squeezed into a paper cigarette cylinder. The final cigarette product is consumed by inhaling the vapors that result from the tobacco heating process; no combustion is involved. The cigarette is introduced by the smoker into a vaporizer where the cigarette cylinder is heated by an electric element above 200 degrees centigrade. It is there that the vaporization of certain compounds, including nicotine, takes place.

The vapor is drawn by the smoker as an alternative to the conventional burning of cigarette smoke. The smoking experience is very similar to smoking by burning with the advantage of reduced harm. Traditionally, the harm is a result of the tar generated by the unburnt and burnt particles left behind and inhaled in the combustion smoking process and presented as tar. Our HnB cigarettes are called NGP (Next Generation Products), and they are characterized by lower harm risks compared to traditional smoking.


We are one of the few manufacturers worldwide who can produce HnB products from cannabis, a fact that will take cannabis smoking into a less harm usage method. 



We have been running and supplying reconstitution lines for over ten years while improving the quality and efficiency of the process through the integration of nanofibers, nanoencapsulation, and other advanced technologies. The technology is applicable for residues of tobacco, and in particular, to hemp and cannabis for the residues left after the extraction of THC and CBD.

Wrappers and Binders

We produce binders and wrappers for the cigar industry. The wrappers and binders are integrated into the cigar production process using industrial bobbins. Please contact us if you have any questions about bulk ordering our wrappers and binder wrappers. Our paper production technology allows us to produce wrappers and binders out of hemp and cannabis as well from the residues left after the extraction process.

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Bulk Packaging

We have the ability to bulk our blunts and products for large customised orders. Please contact us if you have any questions about bulk ordering of any of our rolling products.

Some of our biggest clients use bulk orderings for large distribution.